Our Team




Austin DeLorme is an active duty captain in the United States Air Force stationed at Kirtland AFB NM.  She currently works as Deputy Chief of the Weapons Effects Branch at the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center where she uses her expertise in modeling & simulation to further the national nuclear deterrence mission. In previous assignments she has worked at the Air Force Research Laboratory and the Air Force Technical Application Center working as a scientist, program manager, and lead for strategic communication. Her dedication to service goes beyond the Air Force to include countless hours of volunteering, and the founding of a charity organization dedicated to benefiting local nonprofits. 


Dr. Chris Benson is an active duty Air Force Captain stationed at Hill AFB UT. He currently works as the GBSD Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Lead where he uses his system engineering expertise to ensure a strong nuclear deterrence for the Air Force and the Department of Defense .  Chris is also an entrepreneur, having founded 3 companies that have generated over $1M in total revenue.  He as also worked at a top 1% VC firm (General Catalyst) and even taught the most popular technical entrepreneurship course at MIT.  He is also the main author on RFP(MS-A 6 Sep 16).  Chris received his Mechanical Engineering S.B., S.M., and PhD's from MIT. 






Steven Lauver is an active duty Air Force Captain stationed at Hurlburt Field, FL.  He currently works as an aircraft commander & tactics officers on the U-28A.  Steve also has cofounded 3 companies (Nodify Inc, Africa Redefined, & Pump Fitness). Steve also founded the Miracle Movement at USAFA while still a cadet.  He also was the recent recipient of the Commandant's Leadership Award at Squadron Officer School (SOS), where this Air Force Accelerator program was originally initiated. 





Dr. Robert Slaughter is an active duty Air Force Captain stationed at Kirtland AFB NM.  He currently works  at Starfire Optical Range AFRL where he uses his expertise in computer vision to support space situation awareness.  He is also the co-founder and CEO of a venture backed tech start-up company called Bee The Swarm.  He is passionate about using his start-up experience to help drive better business, management, and development process for the Air Force and the Department of Defense.