CHALLENGE: Develop alternate, commercially based solutions for space situational awareness to include space traffic management, monitoring, custody of closely spaced objects, and anomaly resolutions.  


The Air Force will be working with several teams focused on dual-use technology in the LightSpeed Innovations 2017-01 Space Cohort. Their mission is to inspire, enable, and propel the next generation of aerospace companies and build up the community to create a competitive and thriving start-up ecosystem. For this cohort, they are looking for new space concepts ranging from hypersonic engines to onboard power to full space borne concepts.

The Air Force is looking for teams who are more specifically focused on meeting our challenge to develop commercial based space situational awareness technologies.  The Air Force has both funding and a contract vehicle lined up and ready to support relevant technologies meeting the specified needs indicated, following an intensive 13 week mentorship program. 

For more details regarding this cohort, please visit LightSpeed Innovations at We look forward to innovating with you! 

DEADLINE: 23 December

About LightSpeed Innovations

LightSpeed Innovations is the aerospace start-up factory. They work across the spectrum of space and aviation and all technologies in-between.

The team at LightSpeed Innovations believes in hard work, disruptive start-up concepts, sound strategy, solid teamwork, and bias towards execution. They subscribe to the pay-it-forward philosophy, believing that will enable a strong start-up ecosystem in the aerospace sector.  They provide businesses with access to a network of relevant mentors and advisors, and work hard to connect companies with the resources to succeed.