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Calling All Space Start-ups! 

The United States Air Force is taking the stick on our first Defense Technology Accelerator effort and is partnering with LightSpeed Innovations to work with teams focused on dual-use technology with application to national security needs through a rigorous mentorship program to develop relevant technologies for space. 



The World is Innovating Rapidly...


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The last 10-15 years have led to an insurgence of rapidly innovating small businesses, disrupting entire industries and keeping their large incumbents on their toes! These companies are pushing out new technologies, new ways of using old technology, and new business models to disrupt the marketplace.  They are creating a competitive advantage for those larger entities that adopt these new concepts and tech advancements more readily to keep up with exciting, yet turbulent times.  World wide we're seeing large enterprise and state actors joining in the excitement -- we want to make sure the U.S. Department of Defense doesn't get left behind. The rapid innovation of these young companies can help the DoD maintain the competitive advantage that enables our national security. 

The Bad News:  Our traditional ways of doing business, while they serve a very important role in our interaction with big industry, just don't work with these emerging technology start-ups.  

The Good News:  There are many bright minds already working on this problem, and addressing ways to form relationships with this cutting edge corner of our economy, from different styles of outreach, to new contracting vehicles!

We're proposing to accelerate this process of connection, and do more than just interact with the start-up ecosystem, but begin to build an entrepreneurial industrial base focused on our innovating for our national security needs.