Our Inspiration & Motivation 

Our motivation is driven by our understanding that BETTER IS POSSIBLE.  We have an unwillingness to accept mediocrity, an unwillingness to accept the status quo, and an unwillingness to stay within the lanes that others have drawn for us.  Our inspiration draws from a comparison to the movement that Dr. Atul Gawande started within the medical field to make medicine about moral practice and saving lives rather than bureaucracy and avoiding risk. 

Dr. Gawande's most famous quote, "Better is possible" is inspired by a story of a young child who suffered a head injury after falling off his bike that lead to bleeding in the brain.  He arrived at a small hospital and began drifting in and out of consciousness.  After realizing the local hospital did not have the necessary surgical equipment, a local doctor was faced with a difficult decision.  Attempt a procedure that has no documentation of ever being used in successful treating a patient, or wait by hopelessly and watch the young boy die.  Standard risk adverse medical practices would say not to treat the child.  But instead, the local doctor used a drill from the maintenance room and bore into the boy's skull to relieve the pressure on his brain.  That young boy, Nicholas Rossi, is alive today because a brave doctor took a chance, and accepted the risk. 

The Department of Defense's risk aversion is no less life threatening than this more straight forward medical example.  And together as a community we must ask ourselves if BETTER is possible.