Update 1: Wow, That Moved Fast!

Thanks so much to everyone who talked to us over the last week and a half! We were simply blown away by your knowledge and willingness to help us through this process!  We couldn’t do this without your support or mentorship, so thank you!

People Interviewed Since Last Update: 13

What We Did Well

Form and build relationships with key members in the ecosystem

What We Did Poorly

Our Mission Model Canvas still looks like a 3rd grader did it  

MVP "Happy Path" Update:

The biggest feedback we got from individuals we talked to was that our MVP spoke more to startups than to people in the government.  We tried to fix that to include both.  We may split the “DoD” happy path and the “startup” happy path into to separate MVPs in the future.  But for this update, have tried to include more information about possible contract vehicles and timing. Thoughts?

MVP "AF Accelerator Structure"

We also made an MVP around the structure of an AF Accelerator team. What that would look like, what the key players would be, what the manning and budget would require to operate.  What are your thoughts on this?

Hypothesis Testing

We were also able to test a number of our hypothesis throughout the last week and a half.  A few of our assumptions were even validated! 

Update Summary

We have a long way to go before we can be confident that we have created a structure that will work, but we trying to follow the right process that can get us there.  There was progress made in validating and advancing a few of our assumptions, and we made huge progress in expanding our network. For next update, our focus will be an update on our Mission Model Canvas (MMC). We are going to focus on a specific vertical (SSA) in order to be able to talk specifics as opposed to generalities. 

On a personal note:  One of our members Steven Lauver just had a beautiful baby girl enter his life! And another member, Robert Slaughter, is about to have a son. So the next update may take two weeks! We’ll make it up by including some baby pics in next update!!